EMR Course

The Londonderry Volunteer Rescue Squad is proud to offer an Emergency Medical Responder Course in the Fall of 2019.

EMR’s are often the first medical professionals to arrive on the scene of a medical emergency and their competence is a key link in the chain of patient care.  The course is approximately sixty hours of classroom training and will be limited to twenty students. It is open to students who are sixteen years of age on or after December 1st, 2019. It will cover basic patient care including the topics of Airway, Assessment, CPR, Medical Emergencies, Cardiac Emergencies, Trauma, Special Populations and EMS Operations.

The course is an excellent introduction to EMS (Emergency Medical Services) for those who want to learn what to do in the case of a medical emergency and who would like to volunteer as licensed professionals. It will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:00 – 9:00 pm and will run from September 25th through December 19th with State testing to follow. The fee for the course is $350.00, which will be reimbursed by LVRS for students who become licensed and who join LVRS as a full members in good standing.

Emergency Medical Responder Course Syllabus LVRS 2019

EMR Psychomotor Stations.

EMS Student Handbook

Application for the LVRS EMR Course

The course will be taught by Marge FishDoug Friant, Matt Kujovsky and Vicky Collingwood and will be held at the LVRS Building at 6068 VT-Rt 100 in Londonderry, VT. Please contact any of them for more information.

To become licensed in the State of Vermont, you must apply to take the examinations. Please review the application and confirm that you are eligible: EMR State License Exam Application . A State listing of current course offerings is listed on the State of Vermont EMS webpage.

The EMR course is an entry level emergency first aid course that covers basic life support skills including CPR, airway management, medical emergencies, cardiac emergencies, trauma and much more. An EMR certificate is required to ride in the back of an LVRS ambulance and perform patient care.