Make Your Own Mask

The CDC and the Vermont Health Department now recommend that everyone wear a cloth mask when in public. N95 Masks and surgical masks are in very short supply and must be reserved to protect medical professionals on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic. If you have extra N95 masks, you can donate them to LVRS and we will pass them along to providers in our area who are running low. If you would like to make cloth masks and donate them to LVRS and the community, please click here.

Instructions form the CDC on how to make your own cloth face mask are below. Remember, wearing the mask still requires keeping six feet of social distance and hand washing for 20 seconds with soap and water after touching contaminated surfaces. The outside of your mask is contaminated. Don’t touch it when you remove it – just use the elastic straps. Don’t touch your face or mask while wearing the mask. Your mask is your mask – don’t loan it to anyone unless it has been washed. Stay home except for critical errands and exercise. Even with the mask on, exercise six feet of separation. The mask helps, but it will leak air (plus the virus) when you cough or exhale. Wash the mask in hot water and use the dryer after every time you go out in public with a mask on.

Make Your Own Cloth Mask

Please click on the image the CDC image below to learn how to make and how to wear your own cloth mask (note: LVRS recommends pre-washing the fabric a few times before cutting the material to prevent the mask from shrinking during washing). :

How to Make and Wear a Cloth Mask (CDC)

What if you don’t sew? Check out this video below to quickly make a cloth face covering: